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Paradise University is a small college in Paradise Landing on Milton's Island. The island is off of the New England coastline and only acceptable by ferry. It is infamous for its inclusive atmosphere, rocky beaches, lush woodlands and charming, old world buildings. However, dark secrets lurk in the shadows of Paradise Landing. A group of misfit students challenge malevolent forces with terrible consequences. 

Michael (Jon Tyler) was destined to return to Paradise Landing from rural Kentucky.  In his past life, he was Martha's older brother who was corrupted by the wealthy and darkly charismatic warlock, Pierre.  Soon after enrolling in University, magic started returning to him.  After a brief romance with Jason (Joseph Bailey), he soon fell in love with Travis.  Resentment arises when he starts remembering his past life and old sibling rivalries surface with Martha.  Also, jealous rears its ugly head when Travis' old friend, Ian returns to town.  Troubles continue to follow him when he returns to University and becomes a target for August Fraternity.
Travis (Michael Sinard) is a werewolf who came to Paradise Landing to investigate his little sisters mysterious death.  After the creature Riley (Ashley Todd) had been banished, he remained on the island, eventually finding a somewhat nefarious way of winning Michael's heart.  His devotion wavers, however, when Ian comes to town and tries to rekindle an old romance.  When one of Martha's spells backfire, he switches minds with Ian.  Unable to control the monster inside, Ian in Travis' body ends up in prison for murder.
Martha (Deborah Melvin) is a witch who has lived in Paradise Landing for over three centuries.  She runs a bed and breakfast and is well-antiquated with the islands more colorful denizens.  Tensions arise when she discovers that Michael is the reincarnation of her brother, Emmanuel, whom she had to murder protect the island from being overrun by the undead.  To prevent Michael from following the same path, she would do almost anything, including using an eldritch tool to change things in the past.
Alice (Hannah Pierce) has a mysterious past, being raised in a convent where the nuns had an unhealthy reverence for a 15th century occultist.  She came to town temporarily with her girlfriend, Special Agent Patterson (Carine Callo).  After her girlfriend mysteriously disappeared after invading a vampire lair, Alice began attending University.  She was targeted for unknown reasons by a familiar, Daya, but was protected by her roommate who seems to have mysterious abilities.  After returning from an extended break on the islands North Harbor, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.
Zoey (Shydae Val-Jean) is not what she appears.  She is a fox that takes on the form and intelligence of the person whose liver she ingests.  The original Zoey passed away in an unexpected accident in Raven Hill Cemetery, where the fox was looking for another corpse liver to feed on.  Her devotion to her roommate, Alice, is sadly unrequited. 
Landon (Z. Lucas Pierce) is a student at Paradise University.  A native to the island, he payed tuition by becoming a rent boy. After a run-in with the vampire Alester (Declyn Thomas), he passed away, only to be resurrected by Dr. Herbert (Robert Bruce) as a zombie.  After becoming a vessel for the Death God, Blaize (Shannon Skinner) took him to the Underworld.  Shortly thereafter, he appeared out of thin air at the August Fraternity with amnesia of the last six months.  When he returns to University, he discovers his new roommate, Michael, might be hiding some dark secrets.
Ian (Sterling Grey) is a criminal element and a link to Travis' dark past.  He came to Paradise Landing to assassinate his old friend, but discovered he still had feelings for Travis.  After a confrontation with Travis' boyfriend, Michael, Ian seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.  He returns to Paradise Landing with a whole new identity as an offshore fisherman.  After his real memories are returned, he and Martha set a devious plan.  But, when her spell backfire, he switches minds with Travis. 
Daya (Constance Medrano) is a familiar who mysteriously appeared and began to target Alice for some unknown reason.  After being turned back into her original form as a crow by Michael, she was once again summed into human by Vice President of August Fraternity who has very high ambitions.
Cameron (Daniel Goad) is the Vice President of August Fraternity.  He craves status and power and summons the familiar Daya into human form to assist him.  He tries to convince Michael to join him to overthrow the current Fraternity president, but has a hard time hearing no.
Dr. Boa (Christy Rach) is a native to Milton's Island and Paradise University's Medical Examiner.  However, she often takes on other roles in the medical profession to care for those she has known all of her life.  After uncovering a mysterious illness caused by vampires, she was detained by the military and her research was used to create a vaccine for the sickness that accompanied the bite of a vampire.  After being released, a string of murders begins and Sheriff Marsh begins breathing down her neck.
Colette Turner plays twins Madam Aurora and Malerie, both island natives.  Madam Aurora is slightly insane, but does have the gift of second-sight and is often involved against her will in the mysterious goings on on the island and with local witches and warlocks.  Malerie is a busy-body real estate agent who is the polar opposite of her sister.
Sheriff Marsh (Anne Austin) is the new Sheriff of Paradise Landing.  She was elected for her coverage of the mysterious plague that swept the island that military officials were trying to cover up.  With a string of mysterious murders on the island, she begins breathing down Dr. Boa's neck, unsure if the attacks are from a human or something more.
The Artist (Jim Turner) is an enigmatic and capricious character who seems to appear at exactly the right or wrong time.  He has a special interest in Martha, and may be the key to how some witches and warlocks on the island never seem to age.
CJ (Ricky Sykes) is a student of Paradise University and resides in August Fraternity.  His first roommate was Michael, but after the Fraternity's seer mistook CJ for a warlock, he was given a bid.  Defenseless against some of the more power-hungry warlocks, he becomes a pawn in Cameron's plan to overthrow the current Fraternity President by using Michael's gifts.